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Software Engineering

I have a Masters Degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Software Management. My technical experience encompasses web, Java, and iOS development in team-based settings. I know what it takes to lead a team and still be developing hands-on. Silicon Valley moves quickly and I am not afraid to innovate!

Sales & Management

With over 10 years of management experience in the marketing, retail, and restaurant sectors, I know how to drive sales and run a profitable company. I find that a little positive energy goes a long way!

The Perfect Company for Me

I am looking for a position in Sales Engineering or Project Management that best combines my unique set of skills. Culture is also very important to me because I am a passionate person who wants to succeed but I also want to enjoy the ride! If you think your company is a good fit for me, I encourage you to ping me in any and every way possible. I look forward to hearing from you!